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Welcome to The Sovereign!

You’ve just taken a powerful step towards living sovereign and free in all ways. This is the wellness community you’ve been looking for and we are so happy you’re here.

Where do I start?

Start with your mental health always.

Pillar one of the The Sovereign is *BE GROUNDED*. Commit to short daily practices for your mental health so you are clear and grounded.

Then *get MOVING* when you’re ready.

I have a great intro to yoga series called….well “Intro to Yoga.” It will explain everything that you need to know and the classes are great too (even experienced yogis love them).

Mental health and body are checked?

Let’s motivate and move forward in this wild world.

Join us for live workshops or watch them on demand. Interact with your community on the circle app and share your skills. It’s time to build bridges, create art and businesses that make money, it’s time to learn about the brain, politics, homesteading, philosophy, bitcoin, natural health, mental health, marketing… everything.

Let’s create a bright future for ourselves. The time is now.

Take a class!

Live Workshops

Under the “Live Schedule” section you can see which workshops we’ve got going on each week. There’s something extra motivating about being accountable to a live time slot. Simply check out the workshop you’re interested in, and tune in using the provided link at the designated time. No worries if you can’t make it live, all workshops will be recorded and added to your membership to access any time!

Live Schedule

Join our Sovereign Circle Group! Keep us in your pocket and communicate with your tribe whenever you need to talk to some high vibrational people!

Find us here.


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