Wellness practices, coaching and community for sovereign individuals.

with Karla Treadway

Hi, I’m Karla

My mission is to empower, inspire and educate a movement of people moving towards self love and self leadership by helping them tap into their intuition, create conscious action and connecting them to an elevated community of people. I teach practices for health, wealth, spirit and personal freedom.

I care about PEOPLE more than anything and as a visionary I see POTENTIAL and POSSIBILITY in everything. I’m here for the big picture.

I am a coach, a yogi and a creative business strategist. I am trained in eastern wisdom, yoga, physical healing practices, clearing breath work, business, branding and marketing and I pour this creative and spiritual energy into everything that I do.

Whether I’m helping people build heart led businesses, writing, coaching someone, running a transformational yoga experience, or speaking at events or on my podcast….I am here to elevate the space and connect you back to love.

On this site you will find many opportunities to carve your own way to freedom and self leadership.

You can practice yoga with me, clear energy with breath work and motivate yourself with a new health plan in my digital studio.

You can learn new skills, educate yourself on techniques to move forward in life and connect to amazing people in our online community. 

You can work with me deeper through mentorships, workshops and private sessions.

You can find personal success and thrive in life and business with me as your coach.

You’ll find many practices here and you can choose a level that is appropriate for the season of life that you’re in. Explore the content in the membership. Pick what you love, pick what you resist but pick something everyday and I guarantee that you’ll spark something big within.

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You can choose to work or study with me on different levels:

Take classes with me in my membership, go deeper in a private session or apply to be a coaching client and fully rise to your potential.

The Sovereign Membership

The world is wild and we’ve been through a lot. We don’t have time to be scared or stuck anymore. It’s time to move forward. I’ve adapted my services to help take you to the next level no matter the state of the world. We’re putting our thoughts on conscious action that fuels us and learning to self lead in all areas of our lives. We’re staying grounded and connecting back to our intuition. We’re becoming the healthiest, strongest versions of ourselves and not letting information overload take us out.

We learn how to move ourselves forward in this wild and nonsensical world without checking out, or getting tanked by it.

This is still your life. It’s just taken a wild U-turn. Let’s light it up again with passion and purpose.

You’ll find inside:

  • An Online Wellness Studio with practices you’ll actually want to do
  • Live Group Coaching for a limitless mindset
  • Creative Workshops that will light you up and empower you with sovereign skills
  • Creative content for your business
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I work with select clients 1:1 in their life or business or BOTH. Coaching is an opportunity to RISE. Coaching offers you a spherical view of your circumstance, the tools to expand and grow and the support to help you meet your goals, taking you further than you’ve ever been before. Coaching is for those who have the courage to change, for those ready to let go of their limiting self beliefs, and for those who are ready to transform. 

Coach me

“I love how Karla’s yoga classes have grown and changed over the years! From spicy and sweaty to the structural alignment of Katonah yoga! She is at ease on the mat and guides you through a wonderment of yoga that is fulfilling and inspiring! Her desire for knowledge and the love to share it is a true gift! I highly recommend taking any one of Karla’s classes!”

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