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THE SHIFT is a 12 month group coaching experience hosted virtually in a small, safe container of 12 individuals. THE SHIFT uses tools from coaching, psychology, personal development, shadow work, archetypes, Eastern Wisdom Traditions like Vedanta and Buddhism, Neuroscience and adult learning to help you find purpose and meaning in your everyday living. This program will shift you from feeling stuck, to feeling aligned, passionate and purposeful.

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Hi, I’m Karla

I am an integrated life coach, educator, creator and yoga teacher. I help empower people to live successful and joyful lives. I do this through body and soul work.

I can help you shed limiting belief patterns, movement patterns and release you from the grip of physical and mental afflictions through dedicated daily practice. This is what freedom feels like. Freedom is expansive and limitless. On this site you will find many opportunities to carve your own way to freedom.

You can find practices for body and soul in my digital studio.

You can work with me deeper through mentorships, workshops and private sessions.

You can find personal success and thrive in life and business with me as your coach.

You’ll find many practices here and you can choose a level that is appropriate for the season of life that you’re in. Explore the content in the digital studio. Pick what you love, pick what you resist but pick something everyday and I guarantee that you’ll spark something big within. Like what you feel? Choose to go deeper.

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You can choose to work or study with me on different levels:

Practice with me in my digital studio, go deeper in a private session or apply to be a coaching client and fully rise to your potential.

Body + Soul Digital Studio

This program is for everyone. I have seeded a clear path for you from beginner yogi to advanced practitioner. This program is for those who need a little more out of their daily practice. For those that value the deep roots of this spiritual material, but also appreciate a dose of the practical. This is for those who want to take charge of their mood, their mental health, and the health of their body with well rounded techniques.

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I work with select clients 1:1 in their life or business or BOTH. Coaching is an opportunity to RISE. Coaching offers you a spherical view of your circumstance, the tools to expand and grow and the support to help you meet your goals, taking you further than you’ve ever been before. Coaching is for those who have the courage to change, for those ready to let go of their limiting self beliefs, and for those who are ready to transform. 

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“I love how Karla’s yoga classes have grown and changed over the years! From spicy and sweaty to the structural alignment of Katonah yoga! She is at ease on the mat and guides you through a wonderment of yoga that is fulfilling and inspiring! Her desire for knowledge and the love to share it is a true gift! I highly recommend taking any one of Karla’s classes!”

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