Helping you charge forward in life no matter what the world throws at you.

I help motivated individuals connect to their purpose, build blueprints for success in body and business and provide the necessary tools for them to expand and grow. Working with me will significantly influence your creativity, productivity, prosperity and joy.

When you invest in yourself, and are willing to go deep into transformational work, you will manifest the future you’re looking for. People that are up to BIG things, get coached. People who are looking to free themselves of limitation and suffering get coached. Coaching can help you discover your greatness and move you forward in life with ease and joy.

What I can do for you as your coach:

  • Identify and release old limiting beliefs
  • Identify and release habits that keep you stuck
  • Rid yourself of the feelings of unworthiness, anxiety, depression and victimhood
  • Free you from procrastination, fear, doubt, and inaction that keep you from the work you’re meant to share
  • Clear your energetic blocks
  • Help you with your physical pain with energy and body work
  • Move you from false perceptions and assumptions to honest truths and freeing realizations
  • Shift you from overwhelm and burnout to clear and calm focussed work
  • Move you from mediocrity to bold transformation and goals that exceed your expectations and previous assumptions
  • Help you identify your greatness, your expertise and your purpose in this life
  • Identify your values, your gifts and your uniqueness
  • Create blueprints for prosperity and health
  • Create goals with soul that are impactful, profitable and fulfilling
  • Help you eliminate feelings of busyness and bring you to focused productivity that aligns with your values
  • Assist you in empowered decision making and creating healthy relationships
  • Help you find the courage to change and spark joy

Transformation this big takes work and courage. I am the support, your back pocket person, that can help you elevate your life in all of these ways so you rise up and shine. More JOY, ease and success is available to you now if you’re willing to invest in yourself and be brave enough to dream big.

Ready to transform?

1:1 Coaching

It starts with a conversation. I book intake sessions with new clients so they can experience coaching first hand. We have a conversation. You talk, I listen, and we create the transformation together through inquiry work, coaching tools, blueprints and energetics.

I require that clients be 100% committed to their growth and evolution.  I am here to support you through your trials and tribulations but mostly to propel you into your successful, joyous and prosperous future.

Let’s start the conversation. Email me and we can discuss what our unique work together can look like.

Who do I work with?

I work with motivated individuals who are ready to charge forward in life. They are tired of feeling stuck and limited and they know that they are the only thing in their way. They come from all walks of life. Some are looking to work on themselves, some are looking for help with goals, projects and business and some are looking for everything.

When is the right time to get a coach?

You can get a coach at any time. You can get a coach when you’re feeling at your best and ready and motivated to take on something new…. you can get a coach when you feel completely stuck, disheartened and hopeless. The right time is when you are ready to OWN your thoughts, moods and actions.

I come to the table with a clear head and nothing but the best of intentions for your growth and success. No matter what season of life you’re currently in, you can benefit from an outside party helping you get clear and focused on your next steps.

When is the right time to invest in self?

The right time is when you are ready to do the work….period. It’s not waiting for when it’s easy, or when you’re rich….it’s when you’re ready to work for it. When you’re willing to be transparent and open and receive the grace of transformational work. You are ready when you want to rise above your problems. When you’re ready to own your problems. You are ready when there is no other option other than to create a new future for yourself.

I require that my clients show up on time, ready and willing to work. My clients are never late, they come prepared with what they want to talk about and they give me their full attention. They value themselves enough to show up 100%.

Coaching is an investment in self. It’s an investment in your growth and evolution and it’s worth it every time. If you’re ready to transform, now is the time. Together, we can accomplish more than you’ve ever dreamed of.

Packages and Products

Just Start Packages (No contract)

New to coaching? Feeling uncertain about your next steps? You know it’s time to build some momentum in creating the life you desire.  Maybe you’ve got some ideas, or a big goal you want to achieve.  You know you want support, to take some serious action and put an end to the fears and other feelings or thoughts that are in the way….but just can’t dive in yet? I have two options for you.

90 Minute 1:1 Clarity Session

Do you have experience being coached and doing transformational work? Are you looking for clarity on a feeling, issue, or experience? Are you close, but need an experienced coach and empath to redirect you? If you are already familiar with this kind of work and have done some digging already but need a refresh, a redirect or an extra set of eyes on this situation I offer one time only sessions for $497 Plus HST

Voxer Coaching 

Voxer is a free real-time communication walkie-talkie app that allows us to exchange voice/text messages and files.  It’s safe, secure and powerful for getting things done and making huge shifts in life.

With a day of Voxer Coaching, you get unlimited access to me 1:1 for an entire day, over the scheduled time slot, on and off using Voxer and I get you moving in a significant and impactful way.

Half Day Voxer Coaching $197

Full Day $397

FREE to tell your story – Branding refresh session for heart led entrepreneurs

Does your brand, business or social media strategy need a refresh? Branding is powerful when we are incredibly clear on our messaging and the story which we are meant to tell. I help you bring out your story. I help you intuitively tap into your own inner knowing about who you authentically are and how to turn that into impactful content that reaches your dream client.  It’s not about what you want to create….it’s about what you’re meant to create.

90 Minute Session with homework and voxer check points for two weeks afterwards

$1497 plus hst

Integrated Life Coaching

3m, 6m and 12m packages starting at $5000 Plus HST

I help motivated individuals create a blueprint for joy and success in life and/or business. I help you get clear on what’s holding you back from moving forward in joy and integrity. We uncover hidden resistance, align you with your calling and values, integrate techniques from a variety of schools of thought in personal development, coaching, meditation, spirituality, body work (and business and branding should you choose). I work with those who lead heart centered businesses, value spirituality but also logic and structure.

I don’t coach hourly, I go in deep. I give myself larger booking times that allow you to go in as deep as you need in each call. For time limited clients, I am clear and essential in our meeting times and keep them as short as you need. Integrated life coaching also includes unlimited text support, energetic clearings and therapeutic body and soul work.

Integrated life coaching is for those who are ready to change. For those who are ready to invest in themselves, receive the grace of their efforts and for those are ready for prosperity and joy.

It all starts with a conversation. Book your 30 minute discovery call to discover what’s possible in our work together.

Let’s Chat!

Let’s have a conversation. Let’s talk about your goals and what you need to achieve them. Then we can decide on a coaching style that works for you!