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A robust collection of classes and workshops with a library that grows weekly!

Here’s where you’ll find your online wellness studio and previously recorded workshops for the Sovereign. Remember that being sovereign requires that YOU are grounded, healthy and prepared for this wild world.

Try short classes weekly for your MENTAL HEALTH in the Be Grounded section. We are able to take powerful action in our lives when we are grounded and clear. Try meditations, breath work, a restorative yoga class or try a coaching video that will help you investigate your mindset and where you can find an upgrade to your thinking, language or action steps.

Take classes for your BODY. We are Sovereign when we are pain free, strong, and energized. The better you take care of your body, the less stress, fatigue and pain you’ll feel. The more work you do yourself on your body, the less dependant you’ll be on physical therapists, pharmaceuticals or anything outside of yourself.

And finally take classes for your SOVEREIGNTY in health, wealth and spirit. This content will evolve organically and continually as we adapt to the needs of our community and the situation around us. You’ll find classes about generating more income for yourself, creating online businesses, natural health and medicine, gardening and preserving, prepping, investing and everything you need to handle this wild world no matter what gets thrown at you.

**Make sure you’ve joined our Sovereign circle community too where we share our live links to join workshops and community classes. It’s here where you’ll find community, where we receive highly valuable feedback from you, where you can ask your questions about key issues in real time and where we drop essential checklists, resources and pdfs.**

Are you new here? Learn how to get started.

How to get started

Looking to join a LIVE workshop with me? Check out the schedule! Choose the one you’d like, put it in your calendar, then join us using the link provided. Can’t make a workshop? No problem, it will be uploaded in the workshops section, where you can always access it with your membership!

Live Schedule
Be Grounded
Meditations, breath work practices, yin, restorative yoga, chair yoga & more classes to ground you.
It’s time to be clear, present and calm so you can take conscious action in your life without getting swept away by the chaos of the media and the world. Enjoy short to long practices that benefit your mental health, your body and connect you to a deeper sense of self.  Clear anxious energy with breath work, settle your mind and find clarity with meditation and find deep relaxation and healing in our yin and restorative yoga classes.  Find your center here.
Be Motivated
Workouts, mobility work, pilates, yoga flow, power yoga & more classes to motivate you.
It’s time to be really freaking healthy. Take your power back and spark motivation and joy by moving your body, healing your old and nagging injuries, and get strong from head to toe. Enjoy yoga classes and workouts that you can do from home in as little as 10 minutes and day and longer sessions for those of you who are ready to kick some ass. Get your motivation back here.
Create and Move Forward
Workshops, Coaching & more, to help you become sovereign.
It’s time to move forward. Plan for the future, connect to an elevated community of like minded individuals and create a new way of living that makes you sovereign AF. Together we will learn about making money, saving our money, building businesses online, homesteading, food preservation, backyard chickens, nutrition, holistic healing, psychology, relationships, mental health, coaching, eastern wisdom and more. The world is still your oyster and this community will help propel you into action. Find inspiration and forward momentum here.
Take a workshop
The Sovereign Community

Meet your community online for weekly live inspired workshops, as well as chat on different topics. This is your safe place. Your safe community. No censorship here.

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Finding the middle path in a world gone crazy using practical and spiritual tools and techniques of enlightenment.
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