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The Sovereign Membership is here to provide you with useable and relevant tools and skills to help you move through this wild world with grace and courage. The sovereign will help you develop essential skills for life,  feel more secure in your body, mind, financial situation and ability to take care of you and yours.

We’re looking for people who are awake and aware and willing to stay HIGH when things want to pull us low. We’re looking for those who want to take radical responsibility for their lives so they feel empowered and prepared for anything. We’re looking for nice folks who want to connect to other like-minded people for support. Is this you? 

Clear your mind

Mental health practices, coaching for your mindset, clear simple action steps and energy clearing sessions to ground yourself and help you focus in a wild world, delivered in video format 24/7  – at your fingertips.

Be Physically Well

Enjoy our online wellness studio with practical and effective workouts, yoga classes, mobility sessions and rehabilitative content that will help you feel strong, energized and in control of your health. Log in at your convenience for 24/7 access to hundreds of videos.

Learn New Sovereign Skills

Prepare for this wild world in every way possible. Take workshops with our experts that will help you take care of you and yours no matter the state of the world. Be SOVEREIGN in health, wealth, spirit and preparedness, and stay supported with your community on our Sovereign Community Circle App. 

Does this sound like you?

You’re awake and aware and not sure what to do about it
You know you should be doing SOMETHING to protect you and your family but are unclear of your next steps
You’re over the information overwhelm, negativity and fear mongering
You want self sovereignty but feel limited by time, finances and the place that you live
You’ve been isolated over the last few years and want to find elevated community that share your values of sovereignty, inclusion, compassion and freedom 
You want to take better care of yourself but have been feeling tanked and unmotivated
You want simple solutions and clear action steps that you can take today that won’t overwhelm you or drop you into fear mode

The Sovereign:

Will help you find clarity, strength, energy and joy as we educate ourselves on new strategies and systems and put our worry into intentional action. We want to eliminate information overwhelm and help you feel grounded and in control of your life no matter the state of the world with clear and simple solutions and practices.

We’re looking for those who are awake and aware and ready to do something about it. No more resistance, no more worry….just clear, bold action and a supportive community to hold your hand along the way.

We provide you with the community, connections and simple educational content you need to be:

👉🏼 Grounded, clear and focused on your next best action steps no matter the state of the world

👉🏼 Motivated and healthy AF because your BODY is ground zero and we need you to feel your best

👉🏼 Powerful and prepared for anything this wild world may throw at you 

The Sovereign is an online wellness studio without the fluff.  It’s made for a wild world. We have powerful and transformative physical practices and mental health content that will help you heal yourself and make your body strong. We are here to help you fearlessly create your path forward in this wild world.


  • We coach you on your mindset and help you choose what simple action steps are best for you in life, health, wealth and preparedness
  • Workshops with experts in health, wealth, spirit, preparedness and freedom systems
  • Quick and easy to digest resources like short videos, pdfs, journals and checklists
  • An online wellness studio that is open 24/7 with practices to keep you grounded, energize you, and make you healthy and strong af
  • We connect you with each other in our community app so you can build connections, speak freely and create supportive parallel economies.

When you are focused, prepared, healthy and connected to community… can do anything and there’s nothing to fear.

“Your personal power is not something that is going to reveal itself at some later date. Your power is a result of your decision to reveal it. You are powerful in whatever moment you choose to be.”

– Marianne Williamson

Introducing The Sovereign

I created this unique membership experience to serve my community.

You’ve awakened to the reality of the world and you no longer want to fear it. You want to love your life, this one right now, no matter how wild things get. You want to feel clear, grounded, fearless and connected to the highest vibrational community you can find. You want to regain the feeling of being in control of your life in all ways.

Join The Sovereign membership for $88

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Inspire others

We need small communities more than ever. The world will keep changing and we need to be able to adapt with it. Online censorship is growing and so is big government. Connect and network in our safe and uncensored container and learn essential skills for life that will move you through life with grace and courage.


  • $7500 worth of live group coaching sessions and live Q and As with me as your coach
  • $3,120 worth of workshops with our experts
  • $528 worth of on demand wellness content in our online wellness studio
  • $1800 worth of evolving pdfs, ebooks, checklists and online resources
  • $1188 yearly membership to our private online community

For only $88/month

**Members also save big on 1:1 Coaching and Consulting**

It’s our time to rise. The world needs you to be sovereign.

Pillar 1: Ground Yourself

It’s time for clarity of mind and conscious action. This will require that YOU are grounded and feel well. Make time for your spirit. Slow things down and put your focus on your mental and physical health so you can go after those things that you want without struggle or fear.

Try our meditations, clearing breath work, group coaching sessions for your mindset, or slow and restorative yoga practices to soothe the soul.

Pillar 2: Energize and Strengthen

It’s time to be incredibly healthy. Generate energy and motivation by strengthening yourself from the inside out.

Heal your old injuries with mobility work and yoga. Strengthen your body with weights. Infuse yourself with dopamine, strengthen your heart and move your body in all ways so you become the healthiest version of yourself.

The less dependent we are on pharmaceuticals, pain meds, the traditional medical system and therapists…the better. Wherever possible, take control of your health and enjoy practices in our online wellness studio.

Pillar 3: Create and Move Forward

It’s time to move forward. It’s time to focus on the future. It’s time to get our homes in order and prepare for anything and everything. Connect to an elevated community of free thinking individuals.

Learn new skills from our experts. Start a business. Make more money and save the stuff you’ve got.  Grow your own food, prepare you pantry, learn about natural medicine, foraging and dabble in herbalism. Fortify your family and learn about protecting your kids from politicization. Learn about how you can heal your hurting relationships, influence a school board or local politics and most importantly take charge of your life in every way possible .

This membership includes:

***The class library updates weekly with fresh content to keep you motivated and excited to keep practicing and learning***

What you will find inside my membership:

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I signed up for Karla’s classes to build some movement into my routine to help with a physical illness. But Karla’s philosophy is that you need everything and that’s exactly how her classes are designed. I love that she incorporates breath work, meditation, and really rich theory and philosophy into the practices. Well-designed and taught classes truly make you want and feel capable of putting in the work while also enjoying it. You’re not just working body parts, you’re really connecting and working the whole person. As a result, I’ve noticed improved strength, stamina and mobility, but most importantly deepened my understanding of and trust in my body. The online format allows for so much flexibility which means I never miss a class and her down to earth presence still maintains that strong sense of community and connection. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to absorb her teachings every week and to have such a generous, vibrant person in my community.
I have practiced at studios from small town BC to downtown Toronto, no one else has had such a meaningful impact on my practice as Karla. In the three years I’ve been practicing with her she has constantly grown, and inspired me to grow and learn with her, this has also translated to graciously growing through the pandemic, and the ongoing struggles associated with that. Her classes are all physically and spiritually integrated, and after every class I am always so aware of how much better I feel physically; in addition, to leaving her classes feeling lighter and with my shoulders set slightly more back and down. Thank you Karla for everything you have done, and continue to do, for our community and your students.
The way Karla teaches this practice is next level. It’s about so much more than the physicality in these classes. I have learned so much practicing with her and know that she will always offer joyful classes that foster community and true growth.
I started practicing yoga with Karla in person prior to the onset of the pandemic. One of the aspects of her studio that kept me returning regularly was its friendly community feel and she has translated that experience beautifully to an online class. I have attended other yoga classes which made me feel like I got a workout, but Karla’s sessions are the first to give me a sense of what yoga can really accomplish for me: becoming a healthier and happier person. Karla uses a holistic approach and strikes a nice balance between building strength, generating energy, calming the mind and refreshing my attitude. Karla’s relaxed demeanor, her fun and positive attitude bring me back to yoga even on days when I don’t particularly feel like getting on my mat. I show up because I feel confident that no matter what my state of mind or body is prior to class, I will end the session feeling more like the person I want to be.


This wellness membership will help you strengthen your mind, body and focus so you are the most grounded, healthy and inspired person possible. The world is wild right now and this membership will give you everything you need to handle it from the inside out.

Totally up to you. You can take a 5 minute class to calm your central nervous system, or take part in a two hour workshop and follow up with your interactive live community on the app. The more you participate the better, but this wellness membership will give you tools that you can access quickly and in short amounts of time too.

No commitment! You can cancel at any time. Ground floor members keep their low pricing as long as they stay in the membership.

There is no other wellness membership like The Sovereign. It’s built for freedom thinkers, and for THIS particular time in history. Not only will you get amazing wellness practices for your mental and physical health, you are gaining a live community of people just like you, workshops to help you build businesses, parallel economies, learn about cool and practical stuff like foraging and food preservation and you’ll be inspired to move forward and create what you want in your life REGARDLESS of the state of the world. There’s nothing like it out there (we’ve checked).

Our videos are labelled with clear intensity levels and our instruction is clear and modifiable for all bodies.

You gain access to a giant library of on demand content available 24/7. Live classes and live community workshops will be available weekly and shown in the live class schedule.

You get a desktop version of The Sovereign and an online app called The Circle where you can connect with your community. You’ll find chat rooms, links to information and zoom links for live workshops in the app and recorded workshops and classes will be stored in your membership site.


$88/mth including tax

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