The Shift

[2021-2022 Course FULL]

Can you Imagine a World Where:

  • You wake up every day excited, satisfied, and more alive than you ever have?
  • You’ve freed yourself of self sabotage and hit each and every goal you’ve been pining for?
  • You feel brave enough to embark on the big changes you desire (like the new career, relationship or healthy body?) and know all the action steps to get you there with ease?
  • You are wealthy in spirit, finances, health, intellect and community?
  • You feel aligned with your purpose and are able to contribute to others in a big way?
  • You’ve moved through past issues and memories, reframing them and clearing them so they no longer hold any power over you?
  • You’ve reconnected to the person you used to be…. or want to be… or know exists deep inside of you?
  • You’ve finally given yourself permission to say YES to the things you want to do, need to do, yearn to do be that travel, family, self care, adventure, community or faith?
  • You’ve created your financial future and career with crystal clear clarity and excitement?
  • You know your patterns, beliefs and archetype so intimately that you can use it to your advantage to achieve anything you set your mind to?
  • You have the support, community, resources and tools to achieve all of this?

But in reality… you’re here.

You know a big change is needed in your life but you’re paralyzed from action. You want something different for yourself but you lack the clarity, motivation and courage to change your circumstance.

You spend a lot of time thinking about making changes… but never do. You might change things up for a few weeks but eventually fall back into the same limiting behaviours. This has happened so many times now that your confidence is crushed.

You tell yourself:

  • The world is just a scary place
  • You’re too old/fat/dumb/lazy (insert poor self talk here)
  • You don’t have enough time
  • It’s just the way things are
  • You have to put others first
  • You’re unloveable
  • It’s not safe to be yourself
  • That’s for other people, not you
  • It’s easy for them, but not you
  • Things have to be perfect before you try

You’re searching for purpose, but stuck in pain.

You’re stuck in limited belief patterns, habits that don’t serve you and you’ve been doing it for so long now you can’t see a way out.

No matter how long you’ve been here, you can make the shift from pain to purpose. It will require a commitment to courage, clarity and honesty. It means uncovering hidden beliefs and thought patterns. It means addressing past hurts and traumas. It means personal responsibility, commitment and work.

On the other side of this work? Everything that you’ve ever wanted.

Hi, I’m Karla Joy Treadway and I’m on a mission to shift you from pain to purpose and joy. If I were to take a guess I would be led to believe that you’re feeling a tug and a pull for something more. That, while you may have much to be grateful for… an emptiness and inner struggle remains. That light within you is leading you here to do some digging, some unearthing, some self discovery.

My mission is to provide you with the blueprint to climb your way up the ladder from burnout, stress, anxiety and depression… to purposeful living, joy and excitement. I’m here to move you from feelings of stuck and mediocrity to expansion, creativity, prosperity and joy. I work with those who have the courage to change, and the desire to do the work.

I’ve helped hundreds of women and men uncover their blocks and beliefs that hold them back. I teach body and soul techniques that put them in the driver’s seat of their own transformation. I believe in grounded, logical practices that are science driven… and the subtle energetics of the spiritual realm. Together we will explore the practical… and the esoteric. Together we will use inquiry and creative expression to find your own unique pathway to joy. When our head is always in the ether focused on the what’s next… without grounded action, we lose forward motion. When we’re rooted and grounded but lack a higher vision for ourselves we become stuck in the earth.

I would love to show you another way. Your dreams and vision for yourself is more than possible. THIS is the first step to getting everything that you want.


THE SHIFT is a 12 month group coaching experience hosted virtually in a small, safe container of 12 individuals. THE SHIFT uses tools from coaching, psychology, personal development, shadow work, archetypes, Eastern Wisdom Traditions like Vedanta and Buddhism, Neuroscience and adult learning to help you find purpose and meaning in your everyday living. This program will shift you from feeling stuck, to feeling aligned, passionate and purposeful.

This program goes deeper than simple goal setting or theory. This program will saturate all areas of your life. It’s in this container that you will actively DO the work of transformation using science based methodologies. You will benefit from accountability measures that keep you on task throughout the year. The container we’ve created provides the necessary architecture for you to grow and expand.

In each module, expect philosophy, theory, body work and inquiry work. You get to dissect the material in the privacy of your home. Then monthly group coaching sessions will help you integrate and reflect these new insights. Accountability partners provide support and connection along the way.

I’m ready to shift

Module 1: The TRUTH

Where are you really? We get clear on where you’re really at, where you’re stuck, and what’s holding you back. We unearth the things that are making you feel low, stuck, burnt out and depressed. We seek the truth, the root of the issue and how coping mechanisms and habit loops are keeping you stuck. This module delves into the importance of shadow work.

Module 2: The INVITATION

We invite you to explore your purpose, to shift the meaning of your stories. To tap into a relationship with a creator or force greater than you. We create new meanings out of your original hurts and incidents and generate the desire to transform and move forward turning your lack into the potential for abundance. This module explores beliefs, stories and creates new choices for the road ahead.

Module 3: The COMMITMENT

Awareness is the first step, commitment and personal responsibility is the road through. This module is all about empowerment and choice. It’s about discipline and how we create personal roadmaps to stay on task. We discuss the existence of resistance in our lives and how we realistically cope and adapt to its presence.

Module 4: The BRAIN

In this module we explore neuroscience and learn more about what it means to be human. We look at habit loops, perception, behavioral modification, the fear response and human afflictions like stress, anxiety, depression, addiction and ADD.

Module 5: The ARCHETYPES

Archetypes help us understand ourselves better without judgment or fear. We are not as unique as we think and many patterns, ways of behaving and believing are predictable. Getting to know our archetypes helps recognize our strengths and limitations. We get clearer on what we’re good at… and where we need to work a little harder to find more ease and joy in our lives.

Module 6: The PATH TO THE SELF

We explore Eastern Wisdom Traditions like Vedanta and Buddhism, the 8 limbed path, the 3 floors of the body, the layers of the mind, the chakra system and how eastern philosophy can benefit a western mind.


We can’t change our lives on the thought level alone. Behavioral change is a result of thought, belief, emotion and action. This module is all about balanced action and integrity. We discuss why theory without practice falls flat… and practice without theory is disembodied.

Module 8: The SEASONS

You are a part of great nature and just like nothing in great nature is constant, neither will be your life. How to adapt to the season of life, and the seasons of great nature and live in harmony with the constant flux of the cycles.


Balancing the manifestation of a bright and prosperous future with grounded action and practices that sustain you while you integrate this material into your life for the long haul. We continue to clear blocks, grievances, and recommit to staying in the work. Manifesting a prosperous future requires that you don’t hold grievances. Now that you have practiced many techniques to heal yourself, it’s time to forgive, to return to love. It’s time to reconnect to the relationships you hold between yourself, other and the creator.

Module 10: The ARRIVAL

It’s time to propel forward into a prosperous future. Your blocks are cleared, your grievances gone and the road ahead is full of possibility. We unblock creativity and discuss your big desires. We discuss the power of momentum, prosperity, money mindset, manifestation and how to productively align this work with what you’d like to create for yourself.

Module 11: The WAY FORWARD

How to build supportive structures for yourself as you grow and expand further. We discuss the Upper Limit Problem and your imaginary glass ceiling. We discuss service, actively being a contribution in this world and how to pay this work forward creating success for both you AND them.

Module 12: The CELEBRATION

In this module you will have a project. This project will help you apply your knowledge of the theory and tools you’ve learned. You will create something that will benefit you… or others.

I’m ready to shift

This program will help you find the courage to change.
This program will help you create the conditions you need to succeed.
This program will help you think differently about your thinking.
This program will shift you from pain, boredom and inaction… to growth, joy and prosperity.

You will stop thinking about chasing your goals… and work towards actually achieving them.

What you receive :

12 In-Depth Modules with Karla Joy Treadway

THE SHIFT modules unlock on a particular date to keep you in the work.
Monthly zoom meetings and partners create accountability and integration of the material for max results. This isn’t a program you read or breeze through…it’s intentionally created to be absorbable and impactful.

12 Small Group Coaching Sessions

You will be paired with a partner for accountability and be given THE SHIFT PDF workbook to follow along with.

Practices for Body, Breath, Mind and Spirit

Yoga sessions, energy moving breath work, meditations, inquiry work, writing prompts, affirmations and prayers.

1 x 1:1 Private Coaching Session

During the course of the program, you will have the ability to book a private coaching session with Karla Joy Treadway.


In a group coaching program the coach holds the agenda and there is a sequence of events or methodology that benefits the group. Group coaching allows you to benefit from the group as you learn from others experiences and interpretation of  the material. Group coaching is an excellent opportunity to explore the benefits of coaching without diving into a full private coaching agreement. This particular program is long term, giving you more time to learn and integrate the material into your life while receiving support from the group and your coach.
In a private coaching agreement, the client holds the agenda, not the coach. The relationship is intimate, the work is specific to the client’s desired outcomes and the coach can create a la carte packages that produce a variety of results using a variety of tools. The client gets more  individualized attention in a 1:1 relationship

Enrolment begins on September 20th and closes on October 20th, 2021. You will be able to register for The Shift between those 10 days only or on a first come first serve basis. Enrolment will not open again until 2022.

The program is currently broken into two pay parts. If you require a different payment arrangement please email

You will have 12 live group coaching sessions with your peers on zoom. These calls are interactive and we will review the material in depth that you’ve studied at home. There are no tests, only chances to deepen your understanding of the material. To get the most out of your program we kindly suggest you make time to come live with camera on, in a space that’s conducive to learning and receiving. You will be asked to participate. To get support, and give support to your peers.

Throughout the program you will have 12 different partners from the group. You will have short activities to do together each week in order to help you stay on task throughout the year. Your partner is there for support and the two of you will decide each month the conditions of that support (how often, zoom, email or phone etc).

You will have access to a private facebook community where you can ask questions and interact with the group. Additionally we will have a Slack channel where you can interact with the group quicker. 
Tech support and support from your coach will be available by email (and phone if needed).

The calls will be recorded should you miss out on a live call. We do encourage everyone to do their best to make it to the live calls to get the most out of our work together. Call schedule will be released closer to the program but will occur on a weekday eve.

You can choose to book your 1:1 at any time during the program – beginning, middle, or end of program between the dates of Sept.30th 2021 and Sept.30th, 2022. 1:1 coaching is a great opportunity for insight into the particulars of your work.

Your Investment in Self Starts Here

Please contact me at to join the next program or to inquire about other coaching services!
  • 12 modules filled with transformational lessons
  • 1 x 1:1 Private session with Karla Joy Treadway
  • The Shift PDF Workbook
  • 1 x Monthly group coaching session
  • Exclusive access to our private Facebook community

Option to invest $2222 in one payment


** I am keeping this a small intimate group of only 12 people. Spots will fill up quickly so please don’t delay. If you are still on the fence, please get in touch!