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“I help busy individuals find practices and tools that work. Your time is precious, so I’m here to help you find what you need. I study holistic wellness practices and business in depth so you don’t have to. I believe in a well rounded lifestyle that includes body, business and spirit.

On this page, you’ll find great free content and links to my favourite products, programs and tools.”

~ Karla



How to rise above the junk that 2020 left us and get back on track with your goals using small simple daily actions.

Get Habitual

Intro to Yoga

7 day intro to Yoga to learn the basics, learn the language and learn to enjoy the yoga practice that you want!

Intro To Yoga

10-Day Meditation

10 day guided meditation series to help you create a powerful morning routine and decrease your stress while enhancing your productivity.

Meditate with Me

Using Props

Introducing you to props and talking about WHY you might want to start adding them to
your home practice set up. Even the most advanced Yogis use props!

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Things that bring me JOY

Seed Probiotics

Not all supplements are created equal! Seed is a science based probiotic. I became interested in nutrition after experiencing some very serious gut issues for several years. Our gut is connected to EVERYTHING and an imbalance in our microbiome can cause a wide variety of serious symptoms including both physical AND mental health issues. Modern living is a huge contributor to our unhealthy guts including antibiotics, stress, alcohol, and more.

Not all probiotics work either and the bacteria strains of most bottled probiotics never make it past our stomach acid. Seed has created double capsules of probiotics and prebiotics that get to the proper place in your gut. Seed strains of 24 clinically proven bacteria strains and the methods they use to preserve and move that bacteria are next level. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my gut health since starting with them and so does everyone I have recommended them too.
Not only do Seed probiotics do what they say they do, this company packages everything in biodegradable, and recyclable containers, creates products to help save the bees and the coral reefs and commits to accountable ad sponsors only who commit to learning the real science behind their products before sharing anything about Seed. I love their commitment to accountability, sustainability and science.

Save 15%


Life Flower handcrafts all of their products in small batches from natural, ethically sourced ingredients with therapeutic grade essential oils and hemp-derived CBD and never uses any artificial fragrances, chemicals, or preservatives.

They believe that Mother Nature has been divinely designed with the solutions humans need to thrive and live their best and most meaningful lives. Life Flower is committed to creating synergistic and high-vibrational wellness products that improve the quality of life on all levels physically, spiritually, and mentally.

Life Flower products are BEAUTIFUL, smell like heaven and help me feel better in my body after long yoga practices and workouts.

Save 15%

Half Moon Products

I am a proud Ambassador for Halfmoon. Halfmoon yoga props are beautifully designed yoga and meditation goods that hold and comfort you on your mindfulness journey.
The Halfmoon collection is crafted just outside of Vancouver, BC, and thoughtfully designed for a variety of practices. The wisdom and energy of the West Coast are woven into everything they create. They respect traditional yogic values—namely truth, compassion, community, and kindness knowing that this is the true heart of yoga.
I have used Halfmoon yoga props in my home, with private students and as my studio props for my brick and mortar yoga studio MVMNT for over 20 years now. They have withstood the test of time and have helped me prop my practice for decades now.
Expect to see some collaborative programs, freebies and contests on my Instagram with my favourite Canadian prop company.

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The Akuspike mat is small, portable and tough as nails. The spikes are made of metal and give me an intense but satisfying release when I’m sore from practicing. I use my Akuspike when I’ve got some deep healing to do.  My favourite way to use it is to sit on it targeting my sore hamstrings and glutes.

Shop Akuspike with my link and save 15%

Save 15%

Life Clothing Co

Life Clothing Co has all the fun, bright and easy going clothing that I love to wear day to day. It’s a little hippie, a little rock….just like me.

Use code KarlaTreadwayRep10 for 10% off!

Save 10%

Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat

The Bed of Nails Acupressure mat and pillow is more relaxing than my akuspike. I still get the release of endorphins that come from laying on a bed of nails however I feel like I can linger on this mat longer. I use my Bed of Nails when I’m restless, tired or in need of a good sleep.

Use code BON15KARLA and save 15%

Save 15%


I am truly obsessed with these supplements. Tranont makes high quality, whole foods based, third party tested and patented products that actually do what they say they’re going to do. Not all supplements are created equal. Tranont formulates supplements to be bio-available (your body actually absorbs them). Before Tranont I suffered from serious digestive issues, brain fog, forgetfulness, joint pain and adrenal fatigue. My hair and skin is better now, my digestive pain gone and my focus is next level. I’ve even started to lean out a little because I’m actually giving my body the nutrients that it needs, and I’m helping my body get the nutrients from the food I’m eating now that my digestion is functioning well.
My favourite products are the GLOW liquid collagen, the ENRICH pre/pro biotic, and MOJO mood boosting and energy enhancing coffee substitute.

Use code 10off290460 and save 10%

Save 10%

“I have practiced at studios from small town BC to downtown Toronto, no one else has had such a meaningful impact on my practice as Karla. In the three years I’ve been practicing with her she has constantly grown, and inspired me to grow and learn with her, this has also translated to graciously growing through the pandemic, and the ongoing struggles associated with that. Her classes are all physically and spiritually integrated, and after every class I am always so aware of how much better I feel physically; in addition, to leaving her classes feeling lighter and with my shoulders set slightly more back and down. Thank you Karla for everything you have done, and continue to do, for our community and your students.” ~ Erica

Other Offerings


This program is for everyone. I have seeded a clear path for you from beginner yogi to advanced practitioner. This program is for those who need a little more out of their daily practice. For those that value the deep roots of this spiritual material, but also appreciate a dose of the practical. This is for those who want to take charge of their mood, their mental health, and the health of their body with well rounded techniques.

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I help motivated individuals connect to their purpose, build blueprints for success in body and business and provide the necessary tools for them to expand and grow. Working with me will significantly influence your creativity, productivity, prosperity and joy.

When you invest in yourself, and are willing to go deep into transformational work, you will manifest the future you’re looking for. People that are up to BIG things, get coached. People who are looking to free themselves of limitation and suffering get coached. Coaching can help you discover your greatness and move you forward in life with ease and joy.

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