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Welcome to the Body & Soul Digital Studio! This membership experience is for those who want to heal, restore, expand and grow!

Experience multi-dimensional tools for expansion such as yoga, body work, educational content and inquiry work.

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Does this sound like you?

You’re brand new to yoga and overwhelmed with the choices or where to start
You’ve been hurt or overwhelmed in a class that lacked clear instruction
You’re zoom-fatigued and looking for short practices that get you feeling great without long periods of time on the computer
You’re an intermediate student who has lost their practice over the last few years and are looking to re-ignite your passion with new fresh material
You’re an advanced student looking for long challenging practices that give you options to play!
You’re a yoga teacher who is burnt out of the same old teaching dialogue and are looking for new material, movement and theory practices to connect with so you can spark that light to serve again
You’re a busy mom or stressed out entrepreneur and need practical practices and real world wisdom to help you increase your energy and decrease your anxieties

The problem is:

Many teachers only teach one thing. They teach to one body. They teach with one theory. I believe if you want anything, you have to do everything. The problem is students are looking for more. They’re exhausted, and anxious and they’re bodies have changed. They’re looking for a way to really get into their bodies that’s practical and effective. They want practices that they’ll actually want to do, that actually work. They want to change their mood quickly and do practices that uplift them….not drain them.

What you want is:

  • Theory that you can actually digest and use to put your brain into your body
  • Practical practices that energize you, not drain you
  • Workouts and mobility work that can help you heal your imbalances once and for all
  • Material that lights you up and motivates you to stick with it
  • Practices for your mental health and potential

Introducing the Body & Soul Digital Studio

This program is for everyone. I have seeded a clear path for you from beginner yogi to advanced practitioner. This program is for those who need a little more out of their daily practice. For those that value the deep roots of this spiritual material, but also appreciate a dose of the practical. This is for those who want to take charge of their mood, their mental health, and the health of their body with well rounded techniques.

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For the new student

Start off with my intro to yoga 7 day series. This series will carefully break down what you need to know in order to practice safely and intelligently without ever feeling lost in a practice. Learn theory, how to modify your practice, use props and link it all together in a vinyasa practice.

Move onto short practices with clear intentions such as “20 minute neck and shoulder practices” or “30 minute feel good flow.”

If you need a refresher, or are brand new to Yoga, I would like to gift you my 7 day intro to yoga series – delivered straight to your inbox!

FREE Intro to Yoga Series

For the busy parent or entrepreneur

Mental and physical health is important to you but you’re struggling to find time for self care. Find practical practices that will get you feeling great in short periods of time, on your own time. Change your mood quickly, find clarity of thought and move your body the way it wants.

For the advanced student

Challenge yourself with long power yoga practices, new material, advanced asanas, workouts and mobility work that improve your strength and flexibility safely and effectively.

For the teacher who feels disconnected to their practice or work

I teach from a variety of lineages because variety is the spice of life. Practice without theory falls flat so expect classic narratives and new material that will get you thinking about your practice in new and exciting ways. I guarantee you’ll find practices that will light you up and reignite your passion to serve again.

This membership includes:

***The class library updates weekly with fresh content to keep you motivated and excited to keep practicing***

What you will find inside my membership:


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I signed up for Karla’s classes to build some movement into my routine to help with a physical illness. But Karla’s philosophy is that you need everything and that’s exactly how her classes are designed. I love that she incorporates breath work, meditation, and really rich theory and philosophy into the practices. Well-designed and taught classes truly make you want and feel capable of putting in the work while also enjoying it. You’re not just working body parts, you’re really connecting and working the whole person. As a result, I’ve noticed improved strength, stamina and mobility, but most importantly deepened my understanding of and trust in my body. The online format allows for so much flexibility which means I never miss a class and her down to earth presence still maintains that strong sense of community and connection. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to absorb her teachings every week and to have such a generous, vibrant person in my community.
I have practiced at studios from small town BC to downtown Toronto, no one else has had such a meaningful impact on my practice as Karla. In the three years I’ve been practicing with her she has constantly grown, and inspired me to grow and learn with her, this has also translated to graciously growing through the pandemic, and the ongoing struggles associated with that. Her classes are all physically and spiritually integrated, and after every class I am always so aware of how much better I feel physically; in addition, to leaving her classes feeling lighter and with my shoulders set slightly more back and down. Thank you Karla for everything you have done, and continue to do, for our community and your students.
The way Karla teaches this practice is next level. It’s about so much more than the physicality in these classes. I have learned so much practicing with her and know that she will always offer joyful classes that foster community and true growth.
I started practicing yoga with Karla in person prior to the onset of the pandemic. One of the aspects of her studio that kept me returning regularly was its friendly community feel and she has translated that experience beautifully to an online class. I have attended other yoga classes which made me feel like I got a workout, but Karla’s sessions are the first to give me a sense of what yoga can really accomplish for me: becoming a healthier and happier person. Karla uses a holistic approach and strikes a nice balance between building strength, generating energy, calming the mind and refreshing my attitude. Karla’s relaxed demeanor, her fun and positive attitude bring me back to yoga even on days when I don’t particularly feel like getting on my mat. I show up because I feel confident that no matter what my state of mind or body is prior to class, I will end the session feeling more like the person I want to be.


You can practice daily for as little as 5 minutes or as long as 90 minutes it’s completely up to you. The variety will keep you motivated, the on demand will be available to you 24/7 and the live classes will help motivate you to schedule it in and show up weekly. I’ve also carefully curated shorter practices 20-30 minutes that will leave you feeling fulfilled and energized in shorter periods of time.
Things have changed over the last year or two. I’m catering to the concerns that I hear often from students. They’re feeling down, unmotivated, stressed and their bodies have taken a hit with the added home time. I’m here to create well rounded practices that light you up, motivate you, address your old injuries, all in practical, time efficient ways. I come from a broad background of training and my hope is to fill in the blanks that other membership services are lacking.
The monthly membership can be cancelled at anytime yes.
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Welcome! Start with my intro to yoga 7 day series. I will provide clear instruction on what to expect, how to modify using props, how to choose a practice and stay safe in any class. From their you can choose short to long classes with very clear intentions and outcomes like “20 minute shoulder class.”


$33/mth including tax

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