Hi, I’m Karla

I work with students who understand that they have to be in the drivers seat and that self sovereignty is the only way to personal freedom.

What does freedom mean to me? Getting over and around yourself. Shedding limiting belief patterns, movement patterns and releasing yourself from the grip of physical and mental afflictions through dedicated daily practice. Freedom feels light, it feels joyous and it creates space for grace.

This is not “the way” but a series of energetic ingredients that I use to make my recipes for joy. There’s always more than one way to bake a cake but it takes time and practice to figure out your own personal recipe. I offer many ingredients here that have served me well over decades of teaching yoga, practicing movement modalities, healing arts and life coaching.

I love to play with the polarities of grit and grace and you’ll get a chance to experience that here. We never need to do just one thing, we need to do all the things, to be well rounded and joyous human beings.

You’ll find many practices here that are accessible and empowering expressions of joy. Explore the variety of classes. Pick what you love, pick what you resist but pick something everyday and I guarantee that you’ll spark something big within.

I teach yoga and mind medicine because these are practices of longevity and joy.

I am an integrated life coach, yoga teacher, mobility coach, writer, educator, yoga teacher trainer and mother. I have studied with experts in mobility work, mindfulness, coaching practices and adult education. I quit what I thought was my dream job of owning a yoga studio in order to pursue what really lights me up in the name of transformative work and service.

I live on a remote island on beautiful Lake of the Woods, Ontario. My family and I take time off to travel together often. We drive snowmobiles on ice roads all winter long, take boats and seadoos in the summer and I almost never get in a car. We’ve lived in Nicaragua, the mountains and have moved over 36 times in the name of adventure over the last 25 years together. I love loud music, dance parties in my kitchen and have a funny farm of fluffy animals on our little island here. I love to write, create fun playlists and content like courses and film.

“Joy is the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow.”

Helen Keller


I am creating a summer video yoga series which includes progressive series, mood based practices and short but effective flows

I am wrangling new baby chicks, tending to my garden in the summer heat and making many paddle board trips around our little island in the sun

My bed has 10-15 books stacked high that include yoga philosophy, coaching resources, branding work, astrology and business strategy and I am enjoying many iced oat matcha lattes

I’m taking less 3 month clients this summer so I can focus on family, my current clients and my practice

What I’m pondering for the late summer/fall?
*  A group coaching program for individuals looking to awaken their light, creativity and courage
* A fall Yoga Teacher Training (IN PERSON)
* A coaching and spirituality retreat