Hi, I’m Karla

I work with students and clients who understand that they have to be in the driver’s seat of their lives, and that self-sovereignty is the only way to personal freedom. The last few years are no exception. The world is wild and uncertain right now AND it’s still YOUR world. I help you create a new reality for yourself from the inside out. I love helping people get grounded and clear, strong and pain free so they can handle the world, no matter what it throws at them. 

Freedom to me means getting over and around yourself. Shedding limiting belief patterns, movement patterns and releasing yourself from the grip of physical and mental afflictions through dedicated daily practice. Freedom means feeling well, grounded and at peace. It means you’re able to take brave and conscious action in your life. 

I offer many unique forms of content here that have served me well over decades of teaching yoga, practicing movement modalities, healing arts, and life coaching. I actively study the human body, mental health, psychology, eastern wisdom, spirituality, politics, society, and culture. 

I love to play with the polarities of grit and grace and you’ll get a chance to experience that here. I want to help you stay focused, clear and capable of pursuing your goals in life. I want you to lead your life in all ways. 

You’ll find many practices here that are accessible and empowering expressions of joy. Explore the variety of classes and workshops in The Sovereign Membership. Pick what you love, pick what you resist, but pick something every day and I guarantee that you’ll spark something big within.

Want to dive deeper? Book a 1:1 session. I help people address physical pains in the body, move through self sabotage, build aligned businesses and live big and courageous lives. 

I teach yoga and mind medicine because these are practices of longevity and joy.

I am an integrated life coach, writer, podcaster, yoga teacher and mother. I have studied with experts in body work, mindfulness, coaching practices and adult education. I quit what I thought was my dream job of owning a yoga studio at the beginning of the pandemic in order to preserve the work that I love without feeling resentment or getting dragged through endless lockdowns. What I created instead was even better and who I met along the way has truly inspired me to continue transformative work and service. I am a fighter for the underdog and a lover of sense making. I created my membership space and my podcast as a home for those who wish they had a voice. I cultivate community of like-minded free-thinkers for the same reasons. 

The world is wild right now and I believe it’s our responsibility to be as kind and conscious as we can. To be fully aware of everything in us and around us so we can create a better world.  It’s time for conscious action. And I think you might just be the right kind of humans to do this if you’ve landed on this site. 

I live and work on a remote island on beautiful Lake of the Woods, Ontario. My family and I have travelled the world and often do things very “outside of the box.”   We drive snowmobiles on ice roads all winter long, take boats and canoes in the summer and I almost never get in a car. We’ve lived in Nicaragua, the mountains and have moved over 36 times in the name of adventure over the last 25 years together. I love loud music, dance parties in my kitchen and have a funny farm of fluffy animals on our little island here. I love to write, create fun playlists and content like courses and podcasts. 

I’m kind, but I’m fiery and I think the world needs a bit of both. Welcome to my website and to my work. All are welcome here.

“Joy is the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow.”

Helen Keller


I am reaching out to freedom thinkers of all kinds and building a kickass community on THE SOVEREIGN.

I’m bringing in experts in health, wealth and freedom systems and building a tribe of people that are ready to move FORWARD.

I am preparing. I’m learning to garden, grow and preserve food for my family. I’m learning about bitcoin and freedom systems. I’m getting my hunting license and pilots license. I’m enjoying the summer heat and time with my little girls and embracing this time where the drama is minimal and preparing for the fall but also living in the present moment and simply loving my life.

I am working with client’s 1:1 to build online businesses that bring in more income to their homes. I am working with several individuals with unique ideas and bringing them to life. I’m working with clients who are struggling with anxiety and depression. I’m working with clients who want it all. Money, health, good relationships and achievement of all kinds.

I’m taking less 3 month clients this summer so I can focus on family, my current clients and my practice

What I’m pondering for the late summer/fall?
*  A group coaching program for individuals looking to awaken their light, creativity and courage
* A fall Yoga Teacher Training (IN PERSON)
* A coaching and spirituality retreat