It used to be a dirty word for me.
In my head it meant “giving up” it meant “losing”
It meant weakness
But that was just my belief system
One carefully constructed by my unconscious to keep me stuck

Acceptance has been my biggest lesson in life and I resisted it for a long time.
But now I see it for what it is….

The GATEWAY to possibility

You see what we resist, persists…..
When we worry and mourn for the past, nothing changes
The only way out is THROUGH

These are the things I had to accept before I could create and move forward in a world gone wild.

  • These things we’ve been talking about….they’re happening
  • We’re never going back to “normal” and maybe that’s a good thing
  • Speaking up was the right thing for me to do regardless of the social consequences
  • Friends that abandoned me for not conforming were never real friends to begin with
  • If I want societal change, I am the one to be involved at every level
  • If I want freedom it’s on me to take charge of my health, wealth and circumstance
  • If I want sovereignty, I have to own my thoughts, words and actions
  • If I want success in a world gone wild, it means I have to not only believe in a long and beautiful life…..I’ll have to embody that today, and create action that builds it for me tomorrow

I thank my containers for growth, my coaches, my communities and my high vibrational friends each and every day for reminding me that acceptance gets you everything.

With grace and grit,
Karla Joy