Ok, now that I have your attention let’s get to work.


This is not a fear mongering post but a review of the easiest, simplest things you can do to…..not die and live longer. 


This post follows my own investigative journey through many different wellness paths. I’ve tried every diet, every cleanse, every supplement. I’ve done crossfit and yoga, I’ve been a runner, a swimmer. 


I’ve researched hormonal therapy, fasting, mental health conditions, gut health, detoxing….


And here’s the plain and simple truth in a wellness content saturated and complicated world that will serve you well through every season of your life. 


You need good sleep

You need the sun and the outdoors

You need to eat real food and get lots of protein

You need to add muscle to your body

You need to move your body in every way possible so it doesn’t get stuck

Stress, sugar, screens, caffeine, alcohol and fake processed foods are bad for you….always


That’s it. 


We just survived a pandemic and even these basic needs were never ever talked about.

If we are living in a world that may have more pandemics we all need to get healthier. 

You can eat whatever diet you want, take whatever supplements you want and exercise however you want but these simple conditions must be met. 


So here’s my simple and life changing program you ready? 


  1. Make your body stronger. Each pound of muscle you add assists your metabolism which isn’t just good for your waistline it’s good for your immunity. Jump into a full on program or simply choose 4-5 exercises daily, repeat 3-5x and do that every single day.


  1. Improve your sleep. Rise with the sun and avoid screens first thing. Drink your caffeine after you’ve eaten breakfast and limit to 1 (or none). Use bluelight blockers anytime you’re on a screen and read before bed instead of sitting on a screen and go to bed early if you can.


  1. Go outside first thing in the am and soak up the rays (it doesn’t work through a window) and go outside for a walk at sunset soaking up the evening rays (either of which won’t sunburn you and gives you essential vitamin D needed for your immune system).


  1. Eat real food and grow it or catch it yourself. If it has a nutritional label on it it’s less likely to be real food. Eat real, local whole foods as often as you can and make protein and healthy fat a staple to balance your hormones and blood sugar levels responsible for the stress response. 


  1. Do yoga or stretch every single day and move in every way possible to keep your joints healthy and pain free. It doesn’t have to be “a class” and it doesn’t have to be a certain period of time….just move and move often.


  1. The “bad stuff” isn’t a treat, it’s just bad stuff. A little bit of poison every day adds up. I’m not saying don’t have it (heck I’m far from perfect), just know what it is when you do partake. Make your “treat” feeling great, not having internal inflammation, great sleep, sex, movement and energy. Find healthy homemade substitutes that fill your cup instead of processed sugar, alcohol, caffeine and seed oils wherever possible.  


  1. Take time for your mental health and ditch the things that cause you unnecessary stress. Start meditating, hang out with friends that uplift you, journal in the am, ditch social media, hire a coach or therapist if you need….but work on your stress. It’s the number one killer. 



Good Sleep

More Muscle 

Real Food

Stress Less

Go Outside


That’s it. Easy right? 


In a world that pulls you in every direction in terms of health advice these simple rules for life will improve your life no matter what. And simplification IS what we need in a wild and complicated world. We need it simple, so we’ll do it. Consistent simple health practices will serve you well long into your golden years. 


With grace and grit, 

Karla Treadway