This is an excerpt from my “morning pages.” Morning pages is a tool I use in the early hours of the morning to get clear. Instead of grabbing my phone, I dump everything that’s in my brain onto paper. Sometimes it’s a to-do list. Sometimes it’s pure nonsense. Sometimes it’s a list of complaints. Many times (not all the time), the lists and complaints morph into something else…..a solution, another way of seeing things, it might just be my higher self redirecting my attention. Whatever it is, it’s helpful. 


May 24th 


I had a big cry last night about the state of the world. I have been distancing myself from the news but last night I went to scroll and in only a very short period of time saw some pretty terrifying things


I saw that there was a shooting in Texas killing 18 innocent children. While that was horrific in and of itself what was also disturbing was how it was immediately turned into a political battle for people’s gain. I saw democrats shaming republican’s for their gun laws and republican’s shaming democrats because of who the shooter was. 


Seconds later I saw President Biden talking about China’s potential invasion of Taiwan which leads to fear about a growing global war. 


I saw snippets of Elites at the WEF meeting in Davos talking about taking control over people’s lives with biometric surveillance systems and taking moves towards socialist systems. It’s hypocrisy at its finest to have a room full of elites fly into a luxury ski resort in their private jets and limos come to speak about climate change and the state of the world. 


I watched our prime minister go on live news to repeat his favourite “everybody is racist” campaign while he victimised and laid blame on his own Canadian people instead of acknowledging his own missteps and failed policies. 


Everything in the news is divisive and polarising and designed to make people fearful. We encourage hate and discrimination at every turn while the lie builds that what society is doing is progressive and inclusive. 


I’m scared that my kids will live in a dystopian socialist society and will not be rewarded for their hard work later in life. I’m scared that they will not be judged based on their character but by their skin colour or political stance. I’m scared that they will never know the freedom that we’ve had our entire lives.


All of these things that many of us have been worried about seem to be happening in real time and most of the world is oblivious it seems. The surveillance state, the social credit system, the harms of these totalitarian measures, it’s all happening. 


But out of everything, it’s the lies and division that bother me the most. Because together we are stronger and we are being ripped apart from these polarizing lies and policies. 


I’ve dealt with all of this by staying in action, focusing on my health and wellness and connecting with community. It works. Because I am more than ok despite the circumstance. I am clear, I am grounded. I am working towards a better future whether that comes from me focusing on my parenting, building community, building businesses for myself or others. It comes from getting involved with politics, with my children’s schools and from educating myself on what I can actually do.  It comes from self leadership, learning ways to take care of ourselves (gardening, food preservation, generating and preserving wealth) or simply taking care of my body.


Last night, I just needed a cry. Sometimes the best thing for us is to not pretend. It’s to acknowledge what is going on. To feel what it would feel like if we did just give in to these feelings of sadness and worry and hopelessness. Sometimes it just needs to come out. There’s an energy there and it needs to clear. Pop the cork and release the pressure. 


Then choose to move forward. 

Choose not to stay there. 

Choose those things that elevate your circumstance. 

Choose action over mindless worry. 

Choose to focus on creating the future (or better yet the present moment).


Because right here, in this moment….we are ok. This is the world and we are ok. The birds are still singing, our children are still playing, the seasons still changing. At this moment we are ok.  And we can be better than ok. We can move forward in all ways. 


It’s why I created The Sovereign. A wellness membership to move us forward in all ways. The world IS wild right now. Neither fear mongering nor willful ignorance will get us through. The way through is to be grounded, well and healthy, connected and creative. 


I’m adapting my membership to serve our wellness in the many ways that we need to handle the chaos of this changing world. Our body and our mind. Our families and our businesses. Our goals and our dreams. It will be changing and growing to include daily opportunities to connect as a community, workshops to challenge your thinking, your growth, your finances and your ability to raise children. Workshops to inspire creativity, service and excitement about the world no matter the circumstance. Same great yoga and mental health content, just a TON more rich and well rounded workshops and opportunities to make you feel WELL.


In fact, you may even feel like the Sovereign being that you are.

Free from worry of the world around you. Empowered by your choices and elevated by community and creativity. 


You can expect very minimal blips of service in your membership while we add to our library and platform. Stay tuned to find out more and as always…..


Keep moving forward. 


With grace and grit,

Karla Treadway