If people are too scared to ask questions about policies and opinions that require more dialogue, facts and more nuanced discussions for fear of persecution we will get to some very dangerous places. 


After I listened to a few sense makers this week about what is happening in society and culture including shamed and vilified Caylan Ford I took some notes. This has been a recurring topic for me – cancel culture. 


There is an increasing trend for many (not all) individuals that identify as progressives to create a binary moral compass. Where cultivation of virtue isn’t the primary goal (be more compassionate, forgiving, loving, brave, courageous, accepting) but holding the right opinion. 


This binary thinking makes these large sweeping ideological movements very dangerous. We see large crowds of people getting swept up by emotion and the result is violence, persecution, division and hatred. The desire to be part of the crowd (or not be persecuted by the crowd) becomes the thing that gives this movement power irrespective of the realities of the ideology. 


Too often the “good people” are those on the “right side” of the movement. They negate and ignore the character and virtue of the person as well as common sense questions that are brought up about the ideology in question. The moral criteria for radical progressives becomes “either you’re with us or against us” with zero room for discussion and examination of said opinions. 


This is not all progressives of course but a tool for progressives who seek power. They preach that the ends justify the means but in fact the means become our ends. We see movements in the name of social justice and inclusivity promote and encourage violence, digital erasure, cancelling, punishment, persecution and intentional discrimination. 


The means do not justify the ends.


The right can be equally guilty of name calling and binary thinking but it’s much less a cultural phenomenon of the times. The right hasn’t saturated every aspect of life including our educational institutions, corporations and big tech. You’re much less likely to find people on the right trying to actively persecute (fire, condemn, have someone lose their licence, job, reputation) someone over an opinion than the radical progressive left. 


This extreme form of bullying is saturating our institutions in the name of progression but it’s regressive. It’s harmful in every way. The means do not justify the ends and it’s leading to more division, hate, violence and the creation of nonsensical policies from institutions and corporations who are doing it for no other reason than fear of the mob. 


We should be treating everybody the way we would like to be treated….full stop. 

Ideology doesn’t need to exist at all in education and in the workplace and if you want to encourage diversity and inclusivity do what you say. What’s happening is not that. Moral virtues include acceptance, love, patience, equality, compassion, courage, and kindness. It’s never included what we’re witnessing today as some warped form of morality. 

I am not saying all progressives do this nor do I vilify anyone who identifies with progressive values. Far from it. I’m drawing attention to the radical progressive left that seeks POWER over virtue. Like I said above, the right has its players too and I would condemn them in the exact same way. Virtue over ideology every single day. This article is about the left because it’s the left that has grabbed power of politics and every institution. The right simply isn’t doing damage in the same way. 


I am here as always to speak for the underdog. Those that are silenced and persecuted and shunned for asking meaningful questions or for having opinions that aren’t held by the majority. Question the mob always. Just because everybody’s doing it, doesn’t make it right ( or virtuous.)


With grace and grit,

Karla Treadway