There are some big things happening in the world and I want to help those who are self-censoring find the courage to speak what’s in their hearts. This is not for those who choose to stay silent because they shy away from these matters intentionally (and no shade for not diving in I get it).


This is for the many brave people in my DMs and emails who WANT to speak their truth, stand up for themselves or others but are scared of the backlash. It’s not easy speaking out. There’s no guarantee that you won’t face backlash from friends, colleagues and clients. But I can tell you this….


If you feel called to do this, if you have something in your heart that must come out but you’re scared to do so….I can tell you it will hurt so much more to stay silent. How do you choose a hurt? How do you choose to stay silent or speak out if they both will hurt you? Only speaking your truth will align you with your integrity.


If God has put something in your heart that must come out.


Is this you?



You have lots on your mind.

You have lots of things that worry you, light you up, infuriate you, uplift you. 

You have things that you want the world to know. 

You want to get your message out. 

You want to speak your truth.


You feel ____ about ______.


Now what?


Not everything you feel needs to be said but at the same time there are many things that need to be said that you’re not saying. 


How do you know what needs to be said?


How do you know if it will resonate?


How do you make what you want to say impactful?


How do you manage your feelings and emotions and biases so your message has an impact and reaches the people that really need to hear it? Check in with these questions. 


What do you want to say vs what needs to be said. 

  • Your brain is full of thoughts and feelings that are fleeting
  • Not every thought and emotion needs your attention, investigation or amplification 
  • Has this been said before? 
  • Do I know what I’m talking about?
  • Can I back up my message with social, emotional, or scientific proof?
  • Can someone say this better or am I the person to talk about this?



Let discernment, not emotion run the show. 

  • Check in with self; are you grounded in this moment and have you given this some thought?
  • Is this for you (burning off steam and anger) or is there really something here worth sharing?
  • Are you posting on the fly or when you’re in a “state”
  • Is this in alignment with who you want to be?


Get clear on who this message is for? 

  • Is this message for my audience?
  • Is my audience ready to hear this?
  • Will this add to my audience’s experience?
  • Will it spark conversation within my audience?
  • If my audience isn’t ready for this message, do I desire a new audience and it’s ok if this one falls away?


Is it helpful? Is it a solution, or just a rant?

  • Does this elevate the space?
  • Does this empower someone?
  • Will this serve someone?
  • Is there something to do here?
  • Is it designed to hurt, or designed to help improve something/someone?


Speak to what’s in your heart, but make it about THEM. 

  • How will this benefit them?
  • How can they see this? 
  • What might they be missing that they will appreciate hearing?



Note what your values are. Faith, social justice, community, health, parenting, forgiveness, truth, freedom, unity…be in integrity with your values, by speaking about them. Speak to your values in a way that serves. Create solutions that are in alignment with your values. Your words are important. They are powerful. Use them to elevate the space. Use them to change circumstances. Use them to create solutions.


And do so with kindness and love.


This is how we gently shake the world.


With grace and grattitude,

Karla Treadway