Ideology vs Intuition 


Our intuition is our connection to source. 

Our intuition provides sensation and cues towards right action and right action is rooted in the truth. 


The only truth is love. 

Anything else is an untruth.

When people say they are speaking their “truth” it is often their ideology. 


Ideology separates us.

It uses the weaponization of language to separate us. 

Ideology can be indoctrinated to the point that we believe it’s intuition. 

It can be forced or coercively used to get people to think, act and feel on the basis of ideology. 


Ideology is mind control. 

It is used to justify unjust behaviour. 

It justifies the use of dangerous labels. 

It does not come from the truth, but from fear and control. 


When dangerous labels like racist, terrorist or extremist are used to vilifiy, shame and persecute people (for people who are very clearly none of these things) we are looking at a dangerous ideology. 


Intuition would tell us instead that there is a better way.

We must listen to each other. 

We must seek to understand. 

Ideologies that prevent us from connecting and conversing are used to harden and separate us. 


The more you learn about all sides, the more open you will become. 

The more you converse with people face to face, instead of writing them off because of their labels, the more you will soften. 

The more you learn to trust intuition and source, the more you will understand what is being done to us. 

Love is the only reality. 

Everything else is a lie. 


I am committed to loving people.

Detaching from any ideology that separates me from humanity. 

We cannot change people and circumstances through the weaponization of language, we only increase the divide. 


Commit to holding the love.

Commit to holding the truth. 

Commit to conscious use of language. 

Commit to speaking against any act of separation.

Hold the line.