Hello yogis and peacemakers!


I’m so sorry for my absence. We were in transition, without wifi, travelling, and have finally made it back home to our frozen island to find…..the doors of my yoga studio were frozen shut.  I have remedied the issue. Next time I won’t turn the heat completely off for a month. There’s a lot to get used to in regards to living in the woods in one of the coldest places in Canada. 


Because it’s another 2020-like year I am currently nursing a bit of non-covid flu and getting my kids ready for online learning. I will be back teaching live streaming classes next week and I couldn’t be more excited to get back to a routine. 


Let’s talk about 2022. I wanted to share that I have been on a bit of a rollercoaster the last few months (as I’m sure you have as well). I tethered myself to coaching programs and daily yoga practices to keep me grounded but I must say that I was feeling an immense amount of FEAR. 


I was living in it. Obsessing over it. 


And, it’s what I had to do to get to this new stage. Radical self acceptance and trust in God. That fear is gone now. I feel brave, clear and motivated again. Perhaps you can relate to that fear or apathy feeling that covid brings. 


How do we sustain ourselves during these seasons? Yoga teaches us that there is nothing to fix. That we are not broken. I am always reminded that these practices are not here to FIX me, but to sustain me. They sustain me when things are hard. They were hard, and they may go that way again. And it’s ok. 


It’s ok because I’ve discovered something. I’ve discovered that I am surrounded by a light force so powerful that no amount of darkness could ever squash it. That I am surrounded by people that have found their way to me (and me to them) for a reason. I am reminded that I am guided and everything that I need exists within me, not out there.


In the past few months, all I could see was the dark. It’s still there, but now I see the light and it’s bigger and brighter and more powerful than anything I could ever worry about. 


If you are struggling with financial, emotional, mental or physical stress right now, please believe me here. The light is there too. And it’s just waiting for you to look for it. I’m not talking about ignoring big issues, thinking positively or spiritually bypassing, I’m talking about a bold and powerful light that comes in the form of support when we truly need it. And we find it, in those moments when we feel like we’ve lost everything. 


So let it go. Let it all go. Give it up to God or purpose, or dharma, or your higher self. There is something much much bigger than you, or your problems, bringing the light right now. 


I think 2022 is going to be thrilling. It’s time to be fearless. 


With grace and grit,

Karla Joy Treadway