Today is Remembrance Day, 


Today I remember that young brave women and men sacrificed everything for their country. They braved the most horrific conditions so we could be free. Free from malice, free from tyranny, free from evil. 


We get to live our lives because of what they did. We get to live in a democratic, fair and resource rich nation. We get to experience peace and justice. We have safety and liberty. Many of us have all of our basic needs taken care of…..and then some. 


And perhaps it’s because of this, that sometimes we forget. We have lived too well. We have enjoyed this time in history. A time in Canada without war and famine. Most of us haven’t had to think about rights and freedoms or basic needs because we have enjoyed them without interruption for so long. We think that it’s just part of life, and maybe, that we even deserve it.


How often do we wake up and give thanks for this? 


I think it’s important to remember that we are not deserving of this grace. We deserve nothing. We just happen to have everything. This grace bestowed on us by the creator and by those who were willing to risk everything is a great gift that should never be taken for granted. 


While the world is full of love, light and abundance…it also contains evil and hardship. There are still those out there who wish us harm. Those who frown on democracy. Those who desire to have the same resources that we have in this country, and those who would risk anything to have what we have. 


Remembering our history is important for so many reasons. We have our history books so we can learn from them, and never forget. We learn so we don’t repeat the same mistakes again. We read history so we are reminded of where we came from and where we’re headed. 


We don’t have freedom because we are simply deserving of it. Many deserve freedom who don’t have it. Recognizing that Canada is a free nation because brave souls were there to fight for it is important. If we take that for granted, we could lose it, just as easily as other countries have. 


Freedom of speech

Freedom of expression

Freedom of travel

Freedom to be safe

Freedom of choice



Let’s never take this for granted. Let’s always keep those who bravely fought for this country in our thoughts and prayers. Because freedom isn’t free, and they were willing to pay the ultimate price. It’s just that valuable. 

With grace and grit,
Karla Treadway