Many of us have been anxiously consumed with politics over the last two years. Many of us have been complacent or at best simply ignored the global issues. Each group is worried for the other, but for different reasons.


There is divisiveness here.

There is struggle here. 


No matter what side you reside on, the best thing that you can do is take very good care of yourself.

You cannot make others think the way you think. But you can work on you. If you are stressed, hostile or angry, you’re not helping them, and you’re not helping you.


If you seek to change the world.

Change yourself. 

Make peace with yourself. 

Have compassion for other people and do not seek to cajole, pressure or manipulate others into having the same opinion as you. Seek out support groups or friends who share your values and have compassion and patience for those that do not. 


THAT is how you change the world. 

With your energy.

With your light. 

With your influence of being.


Save your energy for the things that you can change. 

It’s the most powerful thing that you can do.

Have conversations that matter.

Have patience and grace for conversations that go nowhere. 

Be open.

Be loving.

Be kind.


But mostly friends, take very good care of yourself. 


With grace and grit,

Karla Joy Treadway