Ever feel like you’re living in the movie groundhog day? You keep reliving the same old frustrations and scenarios. You don’t want them, you’re not looking for them, in fact you’ve been doing your very best to avoid them, but here they are again.


You keep getting injured again and again. 

You date people who end up being exactly like your toxic ex. 

You tell people about how you’re going to _______ or ________ but never do.

You start a project then drop it.

You start a new diet or health program then fall off the wagon.


You’re in the hamster wheel my friend. 

This is your divine storm, do you see it? You’re not moving forward because the universe is trying so hard to tell you to do something different. It’s not going to let you, until you receive it’s messages and blessings. 


And now it’s getting worse. 

You’ve avoided those subtle calls to shift and now that call is getting LOUD.

Your relationship is headed to divorce.

Your health is at risk and getting worse every day.

You’re feeling more bored, lost, and unmotivated to try.

You’re burnt out and exhausted at work and just dread every moment that you’re there.


Those calls from the universe are now not-so-subtle. The universe has to get loud when we don’t listen. We get those gentle nudges in the form of intuition, new ideas, opportunities that present themselves, little tiny aches and pains. 


But we ignore them. We’re not used to listening to them. We’re not used to listening to our heart, trusting our intuition and those visceral gut reactions to opportunities. We’ve been too busy to listen and we’ve spent so much time convincing ourselves that we should just be happy where we’re at. We’re comfortable where we are……..even when we don’t like where we are. 


You see staying in what’s old and familiar (even if old and familiar means illness, complaint, boredom, pain and frustration) is more comfortable than jumping into the great unknown. Change is scary. We don’t know what’s on the other side of all that effort! 


But we do know what’s here right now. So we choose to stay. We choose poor health, jobs that we hate, lackluster relationships and the like. Do you feel that visceral sensation of heaviness even just reading this?


Eventually the pain of non-changing, becomes greater than the pain of changing and that’s your divine storm. Your divine storm is not something to be feared but celebrated. It’s your push, your wake up call, your redirection towards the things that you actually want for yourself.


You have a choice here…


Or getting everything that you want


You can’t have both. Choosing your discomfort, embracing fear and the great unknown is exactly how you shift from pain to purpose. Most of us won’t choose this. We will stay small and stuck because it’s comfortable. We’ve never even considered our purpose. We’ve never even considered that it’s 100% possible for us to get what we want. So we stay.


But not you. Just the fact that you’ve read this far tells me something about you. You’ve got grit and you’re ready to receive the grace of your efforts. No matter how dark your current situation may be, there’s a light in you that recognizes this as truth. Your divine storm has been leading you right here. Leading you to shift your awareness so you can create that which you desire. 


On the other side of your discomfort is everything that you’ve ever wanted.


If you would like the support of a program that will get you there, apply for the SHIFT. 

12 individuals, 12 months of coaching, held in a safe and powerful container of transformation. Hosted digitally so you can participate from the security of home. 


I am excited to see you there.

With grace and grit,

Karla Treadway