If you’re like me you are repelled by drama, complaint and the general culture that is present on platforms like Facebook. It’s the reason I created Awakening Joy, our private Facebook community. I want to change the conversation. I want to change HOW we have conversations. 


Words are powerful. More powerful than most of us recognize. 


Our words CREATE worlds. 


When we are in complaint, gossip, drama, and exaggeration, we are in reaction and we are taking the easy road out. It’s really easy to do these things. They feel good at the time. 


But what is the long term effect of this kind of speak?


Letting our reactions run the show causes us to be:







Language like:


I’m not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough……

I don’t know what I am talking about

Gossip and negativity 

I can’t believe they are asking me to do that

I am a failure 

I don’t have any friends 

I don’t belong

I HAVE to get this done

I NEVER have any time

This is crazy!


Causes us to be victims of our life.


An empowered choice to watch our words and choose how we want to BE in this world. 

Empowered language sounds like this:


I am committed to creating ________ in my life

I choose to focus on ________

I allow the right people to come into my life

I choose to create space for others to contribute 

It’s time to make a powerful request 

I choose to be present 

I am open to creating a new solution here

There is time to do the things that matter to me

Pausing to breathe and say nothing at all

What is it time for now?


It’s NOT just linguistics. Language matters. Language matters because the words you speak become the worlds you walk into. Your language can tank you (and those around you) and ADD to your overwhelm and stress…….or they can elevate your thinking. 


Choosing to take a higher road, to live in a high vibrational state, requires something of you. It requires that you pay attention and activity choose your words instead of taking the easy road out.


1) Our words generate powerful emotions. 

“I NEVER have time to do anything!” = overwhelm and stress 


2) These emotions create beliefs in us. 

This is true = “I am a victim to time” 


3) These beliefs cause us to act in a certain way

“I won’t go after those things that I desire because it’s true that I never have any time”


Empowered listening means listening to ourselves and choosing how we want to show up. Do we want to create better situations for ourselves? Be the creators of our lives? Or be victims to it? 


There is  ALWAYS choice. There is choice in every situation. Who do you choose to be?


If you value this type of dialogue, I invite you to join us in Awakening Joy. A complaint free, high vibrational community for forward thinking individuals. No ads, no fear mongering…..just elevated speech for elevated folks choosing better for themselves.