What if you didn’t have to sacrifice any area of your life?

What if you could generate plenty of time to play, sweat, strengthen, breath, connect, energize and find equanimity? 

What if you didn’t have to choose? 


Classic power yoga is a well rounded practice that checks off all the boxes of self care. In 30-90 minutes you can work, practice and soothe your entire being. As a busy and motivated entrepreneur that deeply values her TIME above all things, THIS is a practice that I return to again and again. 




You strengthen and work your heart through fast and repetitive movement in many (MANY) sun salutations.


You strengthen your entire body using functional movements, strong standing holds, core work, upper work and more. 


You play with your balance and let your inner child out by exploring varieties of challenging poses. 


You do BREATH WORK, before, after and DURING the class. Knowing that breath work changes your inner chemistry, your mood, your ability to handle stress….why wouldn’t you want to find more moments to sneak this in?


You’ll meditate and experience a powerful shift because meditation occurs briefly at the start of the class to CONNECT you….and again at the end of the class once you have thoroughly worked every part of you. I find my meditations much deeper and profound after a long class. Meditation builds resilience and mental clarity. 


You’ll strengthen and lengthen your muscles while improving your range of motion and health of your joints. As we age this is so important to help us stay pain free and active. 


You’ll SWEAT, detoxing your body, releasing toxins and making yourself feel better inside and out. 


You might even get to hear some really good music and enjoy yourself too. 


I teach classic power yoga every wednesday at 530pm on the body and soul digital studio. It’s a 75 minute class that’s modifiable for all levels. I promise you challenge, energy, equanimity and joy. 


Not up for a 75 minute class? I’ve got great 20-45 minute practices on the body and soul on demand section too. 


See you tonight!


With grace and grit,

Karla Joy Treadway