Head Model vs Heart Model

I’ve dabbled in many different body and soul practices throughout the decades. The more I study the more I see a disconnect in many of the practices that people cling to. As multi-dimensional beings, we require multi-dimensional practices. 

Many of us find practices that we like, that only work on one area of ourselves. Usually the “safest” area. The one that is easy to work on. The one that feels good and easy but doesn’t really move us into the realm of transformation. 


What staying stuck in one area looks like:

  • Focussing on our physical fitness but ignoring our emotional well-being or spiritual growth
  • Doing deep self care work, nourishing our bodies with gentle practices but never embracing challenge or hard work
  • Living in the spiritual realm with our heads in the clouds…and ignoring that we need to live on earth with grounded action
  • Believing we are just  logical, linear thinkers, seeing the world as black and white and ignoring the subtle energetics of the world around us


Working on only one area of ourselves leaves us stuck. We’ve been led astray to think that we are linear beings. That we should gravitate towards the things that we like only and that one practice is enough. 


The truth is, if we want anything we have to do everything. We are multidimensional beings.  Most models of personal growth have us stuck in our heads. You may have tried talk therapy, positive affirmations or manifesting before.


These Head Model belief systems from Mastin Kipp sound like this.

  • You can change your life on the level of thinking alone
  • Negative feelings, thoughts and emotions are bad
  • Fear is a sign your off course
  • You can attract without work
  • Not getting what you want is a sign its not working
  • One breakthrough means you’re done your work
  • Medication alone is enough to fix your problems 
  • Something is wrong with you that needs to be fixed


A Heart Model is the solution to this. A Heart Model takes a more multi-dimensional approach. It requires that you use your head, your heart (emotions), your body (action) and your connection to something bigger than you (spirit),  in order to move through life with grace and ease. 


Heart Model Beliefs sound like this:

  • You need to change your life on an emotional level, not just a thinking level
  • Negative emotions and feelings are your wake up call for awareness to change your actions and situation 
  • Fear is a sign your living on purpose 
  • Hard work, grit and persistence is still required 
  • There is always purpose in the pain 
  • A breakthrough is just the start 
  • Medication can solve short term problems and imbalances but for sustained happiness purpose needs to come before pills whenever possible 
  • Nothing is broken, you’ve just become disorganized and this patterning an be changed with awareness and a little hard work


If you’ve been practicing personal development for some time now and feel like you’re in a uphill battle, chances are you’re stuck in a head model. A lot of these head models are band aid fixes. Temporary fixes for long term problems.  Heart models require that you feel to heal. That you believe in purpose and something bigger than yourself. That you create action in your life….to change your circumstance. The way I coach, the way I teach yoga and the way I live my life requires that I use all of me. That I use my head and heart. That I take responsibility for my actions, that I keep my feet on the earth and my heart up in heaven. 


Heart models help us thrive in body and soul. 


With grace and grit,

Karla Joy Treadway 


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