✨Surrender to the answer that is simple ✨


Hi, I’m Karla and I’m a recovering overthinker. I used to spend days, weeks, months getting lost in my thoughts. I felt so busy…..but wasn’t really doing as much I thought I was. It’s so interesting how we get stuck in our thoughts. We stuck in the decision making. The ideas. The worries. l


The other day I was stressed about not having enough time to complete my work while my kids were home. Oh where oh where would I find the time?? 🤦🏻‍♀️


So I started waking up at 6 and now I have all the time I need. 


I used to get stuck in depressive thought loops until I read the Untethered Soul and Michael Singer told me to “catch myself” before I went down the rabbit hole of thought. He said “just don’t go there.” Now I don’t…..and with practice it really became that simple.


I used to judge myself for not spending enough quality time with my kids, agonizing over their rapid growth….so now I make sure I spend quality time with them each day with a game or walk or play. I don’t worry about not spending quality time with them anymore.


I used to get caught up in ideas and options for work. I would think about all the things I wanted to create but somehow they never got done and I would feel like a failure. So now I sit down and I DO the work.  I finish projects I’ve been thinking about and my work is successful. 


I used to take my time picking dates or going back and forth on pricing….now when I bring an idea to my coach she says “great…when?” I pick a date and stick to it. Then she has me pick the first number that comes into my head for a price…without the overthinking…and that’s that.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve wasted a lot of time thinking and stressing about things….when the answer is often right in front of me. We just have to get out of our thinking brain…and into the doing. Sometimes it’s really as simple as trusting our gut….or trusting a support system like a coach or mentor. A coach or mentor provides a fresh perspective. 


Overthinking will always be something I have to keep in check. Just like an addiction. But I can now proclaim that I am now  professional DOER….instead of a professional overthinker. 


Do the things. Make the art, have the call, quit your job, hire the coach, play with your kids, start exercising, learn to meditate, write a book. Just Do. It can be just that simple. 


Need help getting into the doing? I can help. 


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