What if “feeling better” was as simple as waking a little bit earlier?


Sometimes I get stuck in the problem. My wheels get spinning about all the to-dos, all the problems, all the things I have to do.  I worry about my diet, I worry about my health, am I exercising enough, am I mothering enough? When will I get that course done. It goes on and on. 


When we’re “spinning” it means that we are not clear. Spinning comes from busyness and my teacher Erin Anderson tells me “busy….is lazy.” Ouch. Busy keeps us from actually doing the work. It sends us off into 10 different directions instead of just sitting down and focussing on one thing.


Spinning can become a habit if we don’t start our day off with a good routine. A good morning routine can be many things but hopefully involves something to clear your brain…..and something for your body. If you take care of your brain….and your body, first thing in the morning, it will prevent you from spinning. 


Spending extra time with self in the morning will change you. If you don’t have the time……it means you need a morning routine more than anyone. It might be as simple as setting your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier. 


Your morning routine will change your life. 


A good morning routine can include 

👉 Mediation or breath work

👉 Journalling or reading 

👉 Yoga 

👉 Exercise 

👉 Time outdoors


My morning routine varies. Right now I wake at 6am (when my house is still quiet) and I drink a hot coffee while I write 3 pages of free flow writing to purge my mind of everything in my brain. These morning pages help me be more clear to create later in the day. Then I move to really great loud music for at least 30 minutes. I shower, then do all the things. I’m getting more done than I ever have before with this routine….and I am happy, present and anxiety free for the rest of the day.


My littlest Hanna woke early today and interrupted my routine so I involved her in it. I wrote, then we walked in the forest together after. I am disciplined with my routine….but not rigid with it. 


I am really interested in others morning rituals because I know what the opposite of that feels like. If I sleep-in (even though I want that), if I look at my phone, get straight to work, or watch the news….my head is cloudy, my anxious feelings and overwhelm kick in and I get way less done overall. I am spinning. And I become lazy.


It’s interesting how extra time spent with self….gives you more productivity and ease. It doesn’t take away from your time…..it GIVES you time.


If you’re feeling anxious, tired or overwhelmed lately…try out a new morning ritual. Your ritual may be as short as 10 minutes! Try any of the above or find your own way to clear your mind and wake up your body. 


If you need help creating blueprints, finding more ease, creativity and productivity…..I can help. 


For more body and soul practices head to https://karlajoytreadway.com/bodyandsoul/


With grace and grit

Karla Treadway