I have benefitted greatly from both yoga and coaching in my lifetime. Before I started this process decades ago I was unravelled. I was a victim and I was very, very limited. You see as human beings we get very attached to our stories. We get committed to them. We are often more committed to our stories, our limited beliefs and our pain……than to our joy and progress.

Yoga and coaching BOTH weave together the necessary work of inquiry, connection and purpose.

Purpose always comes first. Why do you do what you do? Where are you going? What are you meant to do? Inquiry asks us to dive deep, to uncover how WE hold ourselves back. Not the world…..US. Connection is the goal of yoga. Connecting mind to body, us to our creator, us to others.

Both practices of yoga and coaching have massively transformed my life. It was a process of discovering, reworking and redirecting. From being stuck, limited and accepting of the status quo…..to evolution and progress and JOY.

Here are the top 5 ways these practices together have transformed my life (and can transform yours too):

  • I’m really….. really happy now
    • This is the biggest one so I’m going to put it here first. I’ve experienced seasons of depression and anxiety. Of lack and limitations. I’ve also experienced seasons where I believed I was happy….but I was also engaging in some determental behaviours that showed I wasn’t really all that happy. I was masking things with busyness, work and things that would numb me.
    • Both yoga and coaching ask us to get really clear on our state of being. They make us FEEL things. Everything, without numbing, without pretending, without lying to ourselves
    • We can’t move past things…that we don’t allow ourselves to FEEL first
  • I accept myself as I AM
    • While I still work hard to create, to better myself, and to expand…I no longer feel like success is OUT THERE. I already have it. I have gratitude NOW. I have the present moment. Knowing that I am already perfect (as everybody else) and as imperfect (as everybody else) and that I am still loved, whole and complete is the greatest place to be. This satisfaction interestingly does not make me stay “put” in life…..it makes me even MORE excited to continue to create.
    • Both yoga and coaching are practices of self love and expansion. They teach us how to not only accept reality…but love reality.
  • I am in alignment with purpose
    • One of the principle texts of yoga is THE GITA. The Gita teaches us that each of us has our own unique dharma (and many dharma’s) in this lifetime. Finding out what we’re meant to do will SAVE us. Ignoring it will destroy us.
    • Coaching allows us to uncover our purpose. Our purpose can come from our suffering, our vocation or from what we LOVE.
  • I am integrated
    • Integration means we don’t heal in pieces. Yoga ties together our breath, mind, body and spirit. It ties us to our creative energy. We learn that even our body is a continuous, whole unit that requires us to invest in our health on all levels. The frame, the organs, the glands, the brain.
    • Coaching integrates all the pieces of us. Our past, present and our future. Our stories, our beliefs, our habits and our goals. Our seemingly random talents and skills. Our connections, relationships, our spirit and our work.
  • I am successful
    • Everyone has a different view of success. To me success means I am doing the work that I love, I have strong relationships with my family and friends. I am making money, building businesses and creating daily. It means I don’t listen to stories that bring me down, I move forward in life and business always, and I get better, stronger, and more successful each and every day. For me success means GROWTH WITHOUT STRUGGLE. There is no stress, no pain, and no limitations.
    • Yoga has healed my body. It has healed my scoliosis, my hip, my digestion and my poor habits.
    • Coaching has healed my limitations, my limiting beliefs and my struggles.

I share these stories with you all, because it’s worth an investigation and a conversation. Too many of us are stuck, sad and accepting of the status quo when there are so…many…things….that we can do to expand and grow. If this sounds like you and you’re ready to find the courage to expand, let’s start the conversation. Yoga is a great place to start the practice of awareness and growth. Coaching takes you to a whole other level.

With grace and grit
Karla Treadway